Software engineer & Trainer

I am Simon

I'm a visionary for software engineering and a pragmatist in writing code. I love teaching how I build stuff with the click-clacks of my keyboard because I'm talented in explaining. If a culture of conveying know-how to team mates prevails, even complex software projects will succeed.

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Boost your product

Hire me as a freelancer for the critical phase of your product. Profit from my profound experience with a huge number of technologies. In many corporate and side projects I proofed how I do not only adapt a tech stack quickly but also thrive it forward to be simpler but complete enough to deliver stable software that we all actually want to use.

Boost your team

Delivering on my own is easy but limited by my finite time. That's why I prefer collaborations where I work closely with a team and empower them in a few months to do fine without me or having me just as an occasional reviewer or last resort for difficult decisions. I achieve this by coaching team members individually, exemplifying a culture of humble learning and teaching. I never capture knowledge, I share it openly until team members are perfectly ready to take over my lead. I ensure this by

  • helping to find consensus of fundamental tech choices
  • writing excellent documentation for technical design decisions and established engineering standards
  • using tutorial style docs and videos to provide a seemless on-boarding experience for new team joiners

If any of my projects or services got your interest, contact me and we can discuss your challenge and how I could be helpful to tackle it: