Lessons from 3 years full time job

25. October 2020

Lessons from 3 years full time job

As of December 2017 I worked in three different, lovely teams for three different customers, including a major car manufacturer and large food retailer. My role was a full stack developer. It was noticeably cool of my employer freiheit.com that this position in fact meant I was just doing about everything that is fun about a digital product.

  • I planned the key features with stake holders and product owners, ensuring they target high business value
  • With my team we refined small-grained technical stories from this goals. This stories are pieces of software that can be individually built, tested and accepted to be done.
  • Then the time has come to run for two weeks straight to hold the promise for the iteration. While satisfying the minimal requirements of each story is usually easy, it is a challenge to follow the steadily improved engineering standards every moment. But this process of structuring your imagination into a series of keywords a machine understands, taking seemingly small choices that built up bigger parts working smoothly together results in a high quality of the overall system.

We used the code ownership principle and I was usually responsible for two or three backend services of crucial importance, often security related or part of the more involved parts of searching, filtering and caching data.

  • As developers, every team member was in full control of getting their contributions through the CI/CD pipelines and into the production system (always in the cloud, different cloud providers)

PS: The cover picture shows a display of a campaign by freiheit.com to find new engineers for the Lisbon office.

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